First day waking up was surreal. I stumbled around my hotel room a bit getting everything together. It didn’t seem real that just a few days ago I was cleaning my room and working in the office. Stepping out on the street was a great feeling. Its been quite a while since the only thing I had to worry about was just me. Being alone sharpened the senses that are so dull for me. I was more cautious of my surroundings, remembering to keep track of my belongings, and was selective with my usually friendly gestures. Within a few hours I felt confidant and unintimidated.

The south winds had been aggressive last two days and I watched the skies clear up by mid afternoon. Good signs since the next leg of my trip is traveling by sea overnight on a ferry to the island of Leros first and then to Lipsi. I soaked up my surroundings as much as I soaked up the warm Grecian sun. This is my paradise, an arid climate with the sweet salty air.

There is a lot of graffiti in Greece and I wouldn’t call it art yet. It was more about statement of anger and frustration right now. I believe a new culture will bud from this hardship Greece is going through, truth and beauty always resonates from disparities. I met a few young Greeks and all seemed eager to help shape the future of their country.

The European nostalgia was there in Pasalimani; balconies, cobblestones, cafes, cigarettes, fashion, and yachts. What was most charming were the European lovers. I loved watching them. They seemed so much more bonded than us Americans. Always touching but in the most endearing and respectful way. Love seems very precious here. The older couples were the cutest because they exuded the tenacity of being with each other through thick and thin. They were so careful with each other and protective of each other well being.

I couldn’t imagine a better first memories of this trip and I haven’t even arrived to my destination yet.