Missed the stop!

Everything about the trip has been going great so far to get to Lipsi. I flew ten hours into Amsterdam with a three hour layover and flew three more hours to Athens. Spent the night in Athens and then took an evening ferry over night to the island of Leros with a six hour layover for my last ferry to Lipsi. I was so excited as I was arriving to Lipsi, I could see my new home for a few weeks from the top deck. I decided to freshen up for a few minutes before meeting Kostas. As I got out of the bathroom I noticed the boat started turning out to the open sea again. Apparently smaller catamarans disembark extremely quickly so I missed my stop and was returned to Leros! I had to stay one night in Leros at grandmas hotel and wait for the next boat the following day. There’s the Theresaness I was waiting for this trip. Loving it all so far!

Missed the stop!

2 thoughts on “Missed the stop!

  1. Sillee says:

    LoL OMG!! Well I for one am glad the Theresaness came out early on in the trip so you won’t lose any of those goats later we need the cheese!! Muahhaha!! 😀

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