WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 3 and 4)

The southern winds are strong again and walking 2K (3.2 miles) into town today is not going to happen so I will roll the two days together.

(Day 3)

There is a lot of projects that require a tool around here or maybe it’s just a farm thing. My tasks today were simple; I needed to even out the ground where the addition is being built and I will be planting my first trees. Aside from a shovel I had never used any other kind of tools and I learned very quickly that form is everything with your tool. After an hour of raking rocks, the place looked liked a Japanese garden which was most appropriate.

I planted my first trees (peach) today and was very excited to know that one day it will feed someone here in Lipsi. It is romantic to think that maybe one day I can eat the fruit from this tree or maybe my nieces, nephews, and or children one day. We had a light day for work but the reward today will be going to eat at the top-rated restaurant in town, Manolis Tastes.

The town square is on a hill with homes and shops in every nook and cranny winding up the hill. I found the restaurant and met Manoli himself. Within half an hour I was in the kitchen learning to make tzatziki at his restaurant. I love how things like this really do happen when you put yourself in the right place and the right time.

(Day 4)

Digging happens a lot on farms. I am getting so good with my tools! We had to dig dirt from one area and lay it on top of the flower bed as top soil and put manure on top. Digging is like the ultimate arm and leg exercise. Now, I also know what lower back pain feels like.

I was also introduced to organic weeding aka get on all fours and start pulling. Weeding is like the forever ab crunch and never ending! Since you are so close to the ground weeding, I also meet a lot of bugs. My fear of bugs is getting better and I picked up a few bugs; as long as I have my work gloves on it’s doable. I don’t pick up the fast moving ones because its weird. At some point I would like to pick up a worm without gloves on.

The south winds are howling tonight and I am getting cozy early.





WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 3 and 4)

3 thoughts on “WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 3 and 4)

  1. Lil T says:

    Haha you nerd. Watch next thing we know you’ll be eating them bugs too!! Weirdo. You sound tired writing these blogs too btw. Hope you’re staying warm!!! Love you stinker!

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