WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 5 and 6)

The weather here has been angry. The winds howl at night rattling the bones of every home and living thing, especially mine.

We collectively agreed on working through the weekend and take Monday and Tuesday off instead. Greek’s Independence Day will be on Monday and everybody gets the day off. Kostas is going to take us on a field trip to Patmos on Tuesday so I am very excited to have a personal tour of another island of the Dodecanese.

Work has been simple but very physical. I am getting country strong on the farm! Since its been raining, we have a lot of weeds to clear around the crops. I spent one day weeding the flowers, lemon trees and the lettuce field. Weeding the lettuce field is like stepping on a land mine and playing twister at the same time.

The weather is expected to get warmer in the next week. We need to till around the grapevines to get the soil ready for a good watering as the weather gets warmer. Kostas has about thirty five hundred grapevines and we spent one day just tilling away in the fields. Within five hours we did nine hundred vines with four people. I don’t think I have ever counted pass two hundred in one sitting let alone nine hundred! Each vine was at least five swings or more to just loosen the dirt. The secret for me was don’t look sideways, keep your head down and definitely loose count.

The next day was more chain gang work where we hand mixed cement on the road to start building the small studio other property. The materials we used were all from the island except for the cement mix. Kostas used the rain water he collects to mix and then we hand elevate the mixed cement in a bucket down to the site. The stone wall expert, Manoli, laid the bricks one by one. It was very interesting to watch him measure with very simple tools and methods. He used a simple yellow string to measure the height of the windows and doors. It was great to help build the traditional Greek way.

I am so sore and my bones ache but I feel stronger in so many ways.





WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 5 and 6)