Patmos (Day 7 and 8)

It’s been so stormy here in Lipsi which makes the internet slow and the 2K walk, each way, not fun.

Finally my first day off and we are heading off to another island to explore. Of the Dodecanese islands, Patmos has religious significance; St. John received a vision from Jesus to write the Book of Revelations in now what is known as the Cave of the Apocalypse.

The island itself is beautiful, twice the size of Lipsi. As you arrive to the marina in Patmos, you see beautiful white homes on such a lush green mountain side overlooking the bluest of blues Aegean Sea. Our boat passed a small islet with just one home on it and a farm. What paradise is this that you can live on a small islet all for yourself and swim to main island if needed? As you enter into the marina you notice the windmills and the highest peak in Patmos is crowned with what looks like a castle and a small town surrounding it. Just absolutely breathtaking and the adventurer in me is screaming!

It was great to have Kostas show us around Patmos. We visited the cave of St. John which had a very strong and dark spiritual aura. Soon after we zipped up to the mysterious town of the highest peak, Chora. Chora is about fifteen hundred years old and has maintained it’s traditional and tranquil integrity. I enjoyed feeling the nostalgia of this old town, walking through the narrow cobbled stoned streets, admiring the thousand year old buildings still standing and still with so much life. Later in the evening we returned to Chora to have drinks in an old bar of this old town where I sipped on Greek brandy and soaked up this moment.

The castle on top of the peak is the Monastery of St. John the Theologian. Many monks live here and we were able to explore the monastery. I found my way to the rooftop and took in the beautiful view with my eyes, soul, and camera. We then visited all of the beautiful spots of Patmos, from beaches to the highest point of the island for a full spectacular view. Kostas then took us to a beach with a boulder on the shore. Legends say that this is a comet so I had to climb it.

We decided to catch the late boat which never came and ended up staying in Patmos overnight and took the next day off to rest and daydream about our adventure in Patmos.














Patmos (Day 7 and 8)