WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 1)

After missing my stop I was ready to jump off the boat and swim to shore this time. I had no idea how Kostas looked and though it all seemed uncertain I always had such a positive feeling. I approached at least three Greek men calling out Kostas before a man in what looked like mechanical blue pants and jacket with a beanie approached me. He looked scruffy, about mid forties, smiling eyes and spoke perfect English. This was the most English I’ve heard since starting my travels. A quick introduction and then he grabbed my luggage and plopped it on his scooter and off I go to the farm!

Lipsi is beautiful, spiritual, and graceful. The ride to the farm was winding through the hillside and I could see Turkey on the north side of the island where the farm is. We arrived at a small home with a good amount of land where grape vines that are sixty years old are beginning to bud. There are four goats on the property, two geese, farm cats and a dog named Piggy. This is where Kostas was born and part of the home is about 260 years old.

My room is upstairs where I share with another girl from Canada. There’s no heating or cooling and the bathroom is outside next to the room. I will be hand washing my clothes for a week until the washer arrives. Complete modest living and most of the food comes from the farm and or from other farms. Convenience is not an option but I feel at home. Instead of television I have a private beach less than 100 km away to unwind too.

Kostas and I had a long conversation about sustainability for the farm and island. The island is going to be fully sustainable within 7 years and has support from the government. He wants to introduce me to the mayor for the details and plans. We were both excited about sharing the same passion. He as ideas for his farm and building plans as well. Call it fate but I think there is a very special reason for this experience.

I will be helping Kostas build a small studio in the next two weeks. The walls are made of local rocks and insulation is going to be sheep wool. Incredible, since I pay about fifty dollars for a merino sweater. I am so excited about this project and looking forward to starting the project on Tuesday. It’s Lent today so we get the day off.

Off to exploring the beaches today after my high octane Greek coffee :).





WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 1)

3 thoughts on “WWOOF – Dimitris Farma (Day 1)

  1. Rufino says:

    Wow! Sounds like you’re already getting a few good (and interesting) experiences!

    Look forward to your continued updates 🙂

  2. Sillee says:

    Yay you finally made it I can’t wait to read more on your adventures!! Love you and again so proud of you seester!! 😀

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